Circular Future offers the following services:

Public Affairs: advising governments at the regional, national, EU or international level on their policies affecting circular business models, sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and eco-innovation in order to reflect the interests of your company or business organisation. Direct access to all government levels including the Secretariat General of the European Commission. Frequently participating in sessions with ministers and  other top level experts

Consultancy for companies, including Circularity Scan: advising companies on implementing circular business models, e.g. by carrying out the Circularity Check developed with Ecopreneur, MVO Nederland, WeSustain and the Province of Friesland, or based on the Business Model Scan and Circular Economy Roadmap developed at IMSA

Consultancy for governments: advising regional, national, EU governments about circular economy, environmental and innovation policies, either directly or in research projects

Organising workshops and interactive Master Classes, such as the 5 sessions on the Springtij Forum 2015  (see photo below)

Presentations on the circular economy and plastic soup (see e.g. publications)

Stakeholder engagement aiming at closing the value chain

Terschelling, 25 September 2015: Lagerhuis Debate on Circular Economy Policy in interactive Master Class at the Springtij Forum 2015, with liberal democrat Stientje van Veldhoven (d66) and moderator Maurits Hekking (De Groene Zaak)