City of Haarlem (2016-2017)

Waste flow study in industrial area Waarderpolder for the City of Haarlem, Netherlands (2016-2017)

On September 1, 2016 Circular Future started as a partner of Evolv is involved in a study  commissioned by the City of Haarlem on closing material flows in the industry park Waarderpolder.  The study made an inventory of existing material flows and put forward proposals on how to close them. It was carried out by Evolv with Circular Future and FABRIC. Arthur performed interviews with dozens of companies in the Waarderpolder – and co-organized two interactive sessions with stakeholders. 

CJ9pT-DWgAAd3TrIn addition to a number of concrete cases, the final report Circulaire Waarderpolder Haarlem gives 8 recommendations to support the Waarderpolder in the transition to a circular economy. They include taking the circular economy as the starting point for tenders for public space, and appointing an expert to assist companies in the search for circular opportunities and in collective procurement of waste management, with a focus on high-value reuse of material flows.