City of Tampere, Finland (2016)

Solved Circular Economy project for the municipality of Tampere, Finland (2016)

Circular Future was part of an international team of experts advising the City of Tampere about the development of an industrial district called Hiedanranta. The team is powered by the Finnish cleantech company Solved and managed by consultancy Ethica.

Hiedanranta is an old industrial area that the city of Tampere wants to transform into a thriving and attractive urban area with 25 000 residents and 12 000 – 15 000 jobs. The approach for the development is unique: the city has branded the planning stage as Väliaikainen Hiedanranta (Temporary Hiedanranta) and has opened the planning process for anyone interested in participating in the process: residents, companies etc. The idea is to find out needs and collectively generate new ideas, as well as create positive hype around the area. Two planning workshops have taken place and the Hiedanranta website documents all the activities, stories and ideas, thus building the image of the area right from the outset.

The aim is to create a first-class and internationally renowned urban area with circular & digital solutions, which attracts companies and investors and contributes to economic development, new jobs creation, increased well-being and quality of life of future residents and strengthens the image of Tampere as a forward-looking cleantech city.

The project was  a great succes, with the outcoming idea as follows:
– Meet the needs of future residents through an attractive system of services
– Develop the city as a platform for sharing economy
– Advance profitable circular business models