Circular Future is a new firm that aims to accelerate and mainstream the circular economy through public affairs and consultancy for business and governments.


Owner and founder Arthur ten Wolde (1963) works as circular economy expert for the European Sustainable Business Federation Ecopreneur.eu, the Dutch Sustainable Business Association De Groene Zaak (member of Ecopreneur.eu) and the Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions (ACES). Ecopreneur.eu represents 2000 sustainable pioneers in seven member states, mainly SMEs. In this position he is responsible for public affairs on circular economy with a focus on the EU Circular Economy Package.

In addition, Arthur advises companies and governmental organizations such as municipalities about the circular economy, as Head and Owner of Circular Future and Member of the Cooperative firm Amsterdam Resilience Collective (Coop ARC). His main drive is to contribute, with the biggest possible impact, to accelerating and mainstreaming the circular economy.

Arthur ten Wolde is internationally recognized as a circular economy expert, motivational speaker and (co-)author of several reports and numerous articles in magazines. Before, he worked on sustainability and innovation for a Dutch think tank, where he became coordinator circular economy and advised AkzoNobel, and on innovation policy for the Confederation of Netherlands Industries and Employers VNO-NCW, where he lay the foundations for the Dutch SEED Facility providing risk capital for innovative start-up companies. He has a PhD in experimental physics and started his career as a polymer technologist.

Circular Future is listed under number 63561026 at the Dutch Chambers of Commerce and a member of the recently founded firm Coöperatie Amsterdam Resilience Collective (Coop ARC).

For more information see:
T https://twitter.com/CircularFuture
T https://twitter.com/ArthurtenWolde
L nl.linkedin.com/in/ArthurtenWolde

Arthur & Lyss 22-6-2016sustmeme-ranking-266-2016

With Ecopreneur.eu Board Member Lyss McDonald-Bärtl after a fruitful meeting at EU SME association UEAPME in Brussels (June 2016). At the right: Arthur’s #266 listing in the Circular Economy Top500 influencers & innovators by SustMeme.