The Logo

The colored circles in the logo of Circular Future depict different drivers and motivations that can set people, organizations and even countries in motion to make the transition to a circular economy.
The depicted drivers have been taken from Spiral Dynamics, a motivational theory developed in the USA in the 1970s that distinguishes eight different value systems, each with a color code. It forms the basis of Management Drives.

With respect to the circular economy, five of these value systems are of direct relevance:

Blue = laws and regulation. All companies intend to obey the law in principle, which is why it remains a powerful policy tool for governments
Orange = the market. Profit, financial gain, innovation, success, market and GDP growth: Everyone is motivated by money and success
Green = people & planet. Only about 6% of all people and organizations in the Western world care so much about the environment and social justice that they act on it. The planet in the centre of the blue circle in the logo indicates that the depletion of our natural resources is the key concern for our economy and society over the next decades
Yellow = systems thinking. A small percentage of people, company staff units and and organizations are motivated by integral systems thinking. This allows finding real circular solutions and go beyond resisting the linear economy
Turquoise = a holistic view, including emotional and physical balance. Connected to personal leadership, which accelerates the social tipping point that will bring sufficient support for bottom-up and top down systems change.

To accelerate and mainstream the circular economy, it is crucial to connect to all these drivers. And especially to market drivers (Orange) because we are all responding to it. Changing people’s drivers, for example by creating more awareness of the threats of climate change and Green thinking, is also important but takes way too long. Most people and organizations are very reluctant to change their opinions and do this, if at all, only once in a lifetime.