Circular Future has the following ongoing and recent projects and activities:

Team member as partner of Evolv in a project for the City of Haarlem to investigate waste streams in the Waarderpolder industry park. Click here for more info

Manager Public Affairs Circular Economy for the Dutch Sustainable Business Association De Groene Zaak, including as a Circular Economy expert for and the ACES Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions. Click here for more info

Solved Team member for a circular economy advice to the Finnish city of Tampere, through Ethica. Click here for more info

Navigator for the theme Circular Ecconomy at the Springtij Sustainability Forum (24-26 September 2015, Terschelling; upcoming in 2016)

Presentation for the board of HVC Group in Alkmaar, through Powered by Meaning

Coop ARC Project team member for the municipality of Rotterdam – in cooperation with Rebel (2015)

Circular Economy Policy expert for MVO-Nederland (2015)