Reports and articles

Paper: Why Sustainable SMEs hold the Key to the Circular Economy (, September 2021)

Book chapter: Government policies for a circular economy, Chapter 10 in “ECONOMIA CIRCULAR – debate global, aprendizado brasileiro’, organised by Beatriz Luz, published by Bambual editors, Brazil (September 2021)

Paper: What is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? (, November 2019)

Paper: Strong Circular Economy policies needed to meet the climate goals (, September 2019)

Report: Circular Economy Update, Overview of circular economy in Europe 17 (, 2019).

Report: Circular Fashion Advocacy, A strategy towards a circular fashion industry in Europe (, March 2019)

Press release: First announcement Circularity Check,, 30 January 2018

Business Manifesto: Companies call upon the G20 to seize the circular economy momentum (June 2017)

Position: Response and position on the EU Open consultation on Reform of VAT rates (March 2017)

Position: comments on the draft standard for circular economy from the British Standards Institute, including input concerning Circular Business Models (January 2017)

Citation: Business seeks circular economy boost from VAT reform (ENDS Europe, January 2017)

Opinion: Germany must change stance on opposition to recycling targets, By Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl and Arthur ten Wolde, in: Euractiv (7 October 2016)

Article: Governments as drivers for a circular economy, Arthur ten Wolde, in: ICE Journal Waste and Resource Management (3 October 2016). Click here for a free draft version

Sustainable business asks for EU directive to boost circular design, guest blog for De Groene Zaak with Anne Raudaskoski, Euractive, December 1, 2015

Boosting_Circular_Design_for_a_Circular_Economy, report by De Groene Zaak and Ethica, 2015

Strengthen circular economy package with economic incentives, page 60-61 in: Values to Guide Economies, Global Economic Symposium GES, Kiel, November 2015

Column about the outcome of the Springtij 2015 circular economy track , delivered as dinner speech on September 26, 2015 (also in Dutch)

Circular Business Models – April 2015 – Part 1: An introduction to IMSA’s circular business model scan, Koen van Renswoude, Arthur ten Wolde and Douwe Jan Joustra,IMSA, April 2015.
Part 2 describes the circular business models in more detail, along with examples. The paper is cited in a review paper by Lewandowski (2016). An update of the report, Coop ARC Circular Business Models – Update 2016, was later published by Coop ARC, a cooperative of former IMSA employees which was operational until 2018.

Governments going Circular, Global Scan Best PracticesDe Groene Zaak in cooperation with Accenture, EY, IMSA and Royal HaskoningDHV, 2015 (co-autor on behalf of IMSA)

Unleashing_the_Power_of_the_Circular_Economy-Circle_Economy, Kok., L., Wurpel, G. & Ten Wolde, A. (IMSA and Circle Economy, 2013). This report was commissioned by Circle Economy and presents, to our knowledge, the first analysis of barriers for a circular economy

Plastic Marine Litter_One big market failure. Systemic look at plastic waste in the light of plastic marine litter, Pors, J. & Ten Wolde, A., IMSA Amsterdam, April 2013

Plastics do not belong in the ocean: Towards a roadmap for a clean North Sea, IMSA (2011)

Nanotechnology: towards a molecular construction kit, Arthur ten Wolde (Editor), Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT) publication STT60, October 1, 1998. 357 pages of full colour visions of 69 experts on 40 technologies