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Two citations in the United States newspaper the Huffington Post, January 9, 2016:

In an article How the Media Can Improve Their Climate Coverage:
“Media is commercial,” said Arthur ten Wolde, director of Circular Future. “So they have to make money in the short run, and you do it by creating a debate. So you want someone from one point of view and the climate skeptic with the opposite point of view. So both television and newspapers have ‘the debates!,’ which in itself suggests that there is no consensus [on climate change]. But there is consensus!”

In an article How to Avoid Another VW Scandal: The Right Mix of Carrots and Sticks? : “Environmental monitoring regulations and adaptation are costs, so there’s a tendency to avoid them,” says Arthur ten Wolde, manager of circular economy public affairs at De Groene Zaak, a Dutch business-lobbying group that advocates for a circular economy. He spoke to Pro Journo at October’s World Resources Forum in Davos, Switzerland.